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How sad, that so many of us are too caught up with daily pressures to even pause for reflection. It’s as though we have been delivered an unwanted package of stress and stress management.

Luckily, there is the good news that holistic science experts are developing a unique range of therapeutic plant formulas, able to support our nervous system’s natural capacity to operate in sustainable balance. If people are having trouble calming nerves in this increasingly hectic world, they would do well to discover these unique botanical synergies that offer a healthy alternative to simply soldiering on.

And, if you are at the stage where you have already considered natural remedies for anxiety or natural stress relief, it’s useful to remember not to focus on trying to deal with the negative that is associated with stress and stress management, but rather to positively nurture our natural capacity for healthful calm and composure. Which is what we do when we use 100% pure essential oils.

These are purely organic essences with high therapeutic value and because they are so very pure the body is able to accept them into the very processes that cause our mind to quiet and our body to relax.

There is no question that medicinal plants are already well established in the world of alternative medicine, but what 100% pure essential oils offer that is new is the outstanding level of purity and organic integrity that can only happen under rigorous growing, production and extraction practices. This is what causes the potential for positive integration with human physiology to become suddenly much greater.

If by using the terms stress and stress management we make the mistake of thinking that we are habitually stretching our capacities to the limit, we might miss the opportunity to actively encourage our nervous system to develop greater possibility for healthy function. 100% pure essential oils give us a direct line to the pathways we want to fortify.

And if the body is helped to access the more healthy responses more of the time, it will gradually become more able to handle new external challenges in that same healthy way.

In short, one careful blend of 100% pure essential oils can help bring about the exact mental and physical responses that are involved in processing tension and worry effectively.

Plus they have the edge on other natural remedies for anxiety, stress and stress management because they are guaranteed safe and absolutely pure, and because they can be used with great versatility for efficient aid to any particular need.

They can be applied in massage blends; in bath water; on pulse points; or, since the brain’s response mechanism is triggered by scent, they can be diffused into a living area to help induce a naturally calm state of mind and body (not to mention that the scent of 100% pure essential oils is remarkably more effective than absorption by digestion).

Obviously, medicinal plants have a vast range of therapeutic properties that we can harness through pure plant oils. Thus, calming nerves can be dealt with in more than one way… stress and stress management doesn’t ever need to be an issue if we can ensure a healthy pattern of restorative sleep, for example. And with the right combination of 100% pure essential oils we can encourage the body to initiate the profound natural relaxation required for the most recuperative sleep cycles.

Anyone who is in on the secret of 100% pure essential oils should be looking to reward themselves with a very special gift. A luxurious body formula that is designed to help create healthy energy and natural calm through intensely relaxing essential oils and pure carriers – that has got to sound pretty irresistible right now… what better way of calming nerves than a sensuous, therapeutic massage?

Surely that is more appealing than one of those watery teas that are traditionally used in natural remedies for anxiety, stress and stress management?

And if anyone needs further encouragement to find out for themselves, the best news is that 100% pure essential oils are a product of sustainable environmental and organic measures – quite simply because to be in harmony with the natural potential of a human body, we have to create an essence that is equal to that organic perfection.

How good is that for peace of mind?



Absolute Essential is New Zealand’s holistic science expert offering a pioneering range of therapeutic plant oils. A name you can trust to mean purity and integrity, naturally safe and effective.


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From seed to essence, our beautiful botanicals are respectfully nurtured to bring the safest, most effective natural support to benefit the healthy balance of your body and mind.



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