What happens when you take time to handle stress? Your life begins to be affected in some ways. Clutter is a stress symptom. A direct benefit of stress decline is reduced clutter.


Clutter does more than keep your home, your desk, or your garage looking messing. It keeps your mind messy, too. The more stuff you have, especially the disorganized, unmatched, or high maintenance stuff, the more you have to worry about it, maintain it, keep it, deal with it, to have it. Getting rid of clutter in your home is the most important thing you can do to make your home a stress free refuge of tranquility.


But getting rid of clutter is hard to do, especially for those who can’t bear to throw anything away. Are you a pack rat? How many of the following statement ring true for you:


I keep a lot of clothes that I think I might be able to fit into someday
I have at least a year’s worth of magazines that I know I’ll look at sometime.
I have at least one junk drawer filled with spare parts and other small items I might need someday, even if I’m not sure what most of them are.
All the storage spaces in my house are overflowing with stuff I’m not sure what I have anymore.
I buy more books than I can read, but I just might read them someday


If more than one item on this list rings true for you, you’re probably a pack rat. That means de-cluttering is trickier for you than for someone who doesn’t have a problem letting go of stuff. If getting rid of clutter is actually more stressful than living with it, than go with what is least stressful. But in the long run the clutter will overrule your life so I suggest that you spend some time de-cluttering your home.


Your Solution:

Take responsibility for your decisions. It’s difficult to learn a new habit. One great habit to learn is to get rid of stuff before it becomes clutter. When you decide to get rid of clutter, distractions will occur. Decide weather you intend to stay the course. Before going off on a detour, make an appointment with yourself to determine if your going to kick clutter’s butt. In this way you take responsibility for your decision. If you decide to abandon your decision to de-clutter, you’re less likely to feel bad about yourself for not following through on your original plan, if that’s your conscious choice.


The important thing here is to take responsibility for your decision to chose one activity over another. You’re in charge of your own life.


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