It is a well known fact that the current economic conditions have caused a lot of excess stress in America. However, what you many not know is how prevalent a problem it actually is and how it affects individuals differently from place to place. To learn more about how stress is affecting Americans each day, read the information and facts included below.

Prevalence of Stress in America

According to a recent study conducted by the American Psychological Association in 2008, almost every American reported feeling stress at some level in their lives. Thirty percent of the individuals polled reported having chronic levels of stress in their lives and another fifty percent reported stress levels in the moderate range. That is 80 percent of the population reporting levels of stress high enough to affect their health, and unfortunately, it usually does. That is why new counseling and help centers are being developed nationwide to help the population get the help and support they need for the excess stress in their lives.

Stress is Different from City to City

Another fact that was uncovered in the recent stress survey among Americans is that the cause of an individuals’ stress varies from city to city or state to state. For instance, the survey found that those in Atlanta were having stress from family and personal relationships. Meanwhile, in Dallas, individuals were feeling the heat when it came to having unrealistic expectations about their job.

Why are things so different from place to place? The professionals who conducted the survey believe that this is the case because the benefits and services in place within each city are different. Some areas provide more opportunities for socialization but may have a higher rate of crime, while others may have a better job market but provide other challenges for the individuals who live there. In short, while most Americans experience stress of some kind, it is likely not the same in each area.

Stress in America is becoming an increasingly prevalent concern. As things continue to grow worse with the economy and the stress of everyday life continues to mount, there is a greater chance for the population to develop related diseases or conditions without help to end the stress in their lives.

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