Acer Ferrari 3400 Laptop Charger – AtBatt (75W UL Approved)

Acer Ferrari 3400 charger by AtBatt is a UL certified AC adapter that is rated at 75 watts. FeaturesUL Certified (E345153)- Highest consumer safety standard for AC adapters Reaches up to 10ft Velcro straps for easy cable management LED indicator to let you know when it’s on. Eliminate multiple adapters – interchangeable tips available makes adapter truly universal 90degree right-angled connector allows access in tight spaces and takes stress off the cord reducing bending RoHS Compliant – free of lead, mercury and other harmful materials Original manufacturer compatible 1 Year Warranty Why is UL certification important: Underwriters Laboratories examines every little detail on our finished products, to ensure that our products are adhering to specific safety standards. So why is this important to you? A homeowner’s insurance company can deny a claim due to having an electrical device installed in your home without a safety certification from UL or other similar testing lab. Having a non-certified adapter can cost you money and hardship. Safety FeaturesSealed from protection against mosture and high humidity Designed to filter voltage spikes and surges Exclusive Internal safety features protect your notebook from electrical hazards Low input voltage shutdown Output over voltage and current limited Safety Shutdown Protection (low input voltage, short circuit, interal over temperatures) Automatic reset for shut down conditions

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