Field salespeople are face a myriad of stress factors in their daily life – they run into traffic, visit difficult clients and often spend days away from their families. If there is also tension between the sales person and the sales manager, a reduction in performance is almost unavoidable.

In a recent study of field salespeople, scientists have identified possible stress factors and researched their significance for workers. The stress factors were divided into two categories – stress factors which result from the structures and conditions in businesses and stress factors which are determined by situations in daily work.

The most important organisation determined stress factors are:

Too intensive regulation and formalisation of procedures. They hinder the field salesperson in striking out on unconventional but successful paths, which must necessarily lead to conflicts with the sales manager.

A lack of flexibility in the company. There are countless companies which officially regulate and formalise everything. The question is how the superiors implement these rules. The sales person feels better the more flexible management are in their interpretation.

What salespeople value. Regardless of all the rumours (between managers), intangible incentives like freedom to act, communication and management style are more imperative to the majority of employees than material aspects of the job. Among the most important management tools is agreement of goals, without which a culture of management as employees want it, is not possible.

Intangible motivations

Attractiveness of the motivation (1 being low and 4 being high) Management style 4

Freedom to act 4

Communication 4

Working conditions 3

Work place security 3

Contents of tasks 3

Career opportunities 4

Recognition / status 2

Position 1

Tangible motivations

Attractiveness of the motivation (1 being low and 4 being high)

Pension provision 4

Company car 3

Continued salary payments during illness 3

Employee participation 3

Performance premiums 3

Fixed income 2

Accident insurance 2

Holiday 2

Other ancillary services 3

The reward system. The more the sales manager becomes involved in deciding the salary of their sales people, the more critically they are watched in the way they do this. If the salesperson feels unfairly treated, this could cause stress or friction between them.

The autonomy of the field salesperson. The more freely they can organise their time and work the less stress they experience in their dealings with the sales manager. Empowerment levels given to sales people is not an easy matter however, it is covered on management courses.

The existence of friendship and good working relations within the sales organisation. When field sales people are dealt with in a compassionate manner their treatment of each other is better they mutually support each other, they also feel less stress with their boss.

The professionalism of the field sales team. The more feedback and mutual stimulation the salespeople supply, the less they need their boss. A really professional troop motivates and guides itself largely on its own.

Now to the stress factors determined by situation:

Too many meetings Lack of personnel in the field sales organisation Conflicts with other departments in the business Too short deadlines for reports Technical problems with presentation aids or means of communication

Those questioned assessed the significance of the stress factors by means of a seven point scale from 1 = of no significance whatsoever, to 7 = very great significance:

Stress factor Average value over all those questioned

Friendship and good relations with colleagues 4.7

Lack of autonomy 4.6

Too short deadlines 4.3

Unfair reward system 4.3

Lack of professionalism 4.2

Lack of personnel 3.9

Too much regulation and formalisation 3.7

Lack of efficiency 3.6

Conflicts with other departments 3.5

Too little flexibility 3.5

Too many meetings 3.3

Technical problems 2.5

It is primarily the stress factors determined by the organisation which play a role in sales. Of the stress factors determined by situations only deadlines for giving in reports which are set too short have any weight.

Almost all stress factors determined by the organisation, with the exception of “lack of friendship and good relations with colleagues”, can be influenced and ordered by the sales manager on behalf of their employees.

Managing the stress levels and the motivation of a sales force is a vital factor to ongoing high performance which is a key subject on all good management courses.

Richard Stone is a Director for Spearhead Training Limited that specialises in running management courses to improve business performance. Richard provides consultancy advice for numerous world leading companies.

Stress is one issue that people experience daily.  This is the instance when they feel uneasy about themselves because of various causes.  The main problem with stress is they can make a people lose its drive to work since they are preoccupied with their problems.  The good news is there are a number of methods that will help people deal with this problem.

Although there are lots of possible stressors to a person, you can basically group them into two types.  These are known as the internal and external stressors.

External factors are among the main causes of stress to some people. This can be caused by human, event or a certain thing.  As long as they are third party causes, they are considered as external stressor to a person.  One of the most common external stressor experienced by people is pressure from work.  Finding the need to get along with many people inside a company can be a great stressor for some.  They may find themselves in a dilemma whether they will go with their colleagues or follow whatever their bosses tell them.  Weighing between career, what they believe in, and the need to get along with colleagues can cause them to be confused and stressed out.  In terms of event, death and breakup are among the top external factors that can cause stress to people.

Although people would attribute stress to external factors, internal factors of stress are also something people struggle with today.  Most of the time, these internal factors focus on the how a person think about something like being negative about their lives.  They would think that some of their problems are stressful but the truth is they are not considered to be stressful at all.  All they need to do is just to change their perspective in viewing these challenges.  This will prevent them from being too stressed about something especially if they are not that important.  They also need to focus on other things instead of their problems in order to properly work than the usual to be more productive.

Internal and external stressors are present and they can cause a great deal of problem to people.  But as long as they know the right things in dealing with them then they will be able to work properly n their daily task.  What they just need to do is to follow the ways in dealing with them to start living a stress-free life.

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Danial Hurley is an expert is a health care expert that specializes studies about alternative medicine like meditation, etc.

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What are the main causes of stress in your life? If you are a living human being, you are dealing with stress. Hans Selye, the famous stress physiologist, is quoted a saying, “Complete freedom from stress is death.” Some people encounter a whole lot more stress than others, according to your life style, situation, past experiences, or even your biological make up. Some people can deal with a lot of stress. Others buckle under even a little bit.

What totally stresses out one person may be considered just plain excitement to another, or even boring to someone else. What is stressful for you today may not be a problem on another day when you’re in a different mood. Likewise, what caused stress in you a year ago, may be an issue you have outgrown by now.

The things that can cause someone to feel stressed are infinite. However, there are certain basic stressors that appear to be the most common causes of stress for people today. These are those life circumstances that happen to us all in some degree another.

Your job

It’s the top of the list for many of us in 2009. If you still have your job, if you love it and it brings you pleasure, then consider yourself one of the blessed ones. Whether it be losing your job, or worry of losing it, finding a job, keeping a job, enduring job environments, job issues are considered the biggest causes of stress.

Your finances

Right up there with jobs is finances. Failures in wall street and banks, credit card debt, poor job market have caused great challenges. The present day state of the economy can take its toll on our mental and emotional well-being. We have to find ways to process that stress.


Relationships are among the main causes of stress for many of us. Our relations with others can be our greatest source of pleasure as well as our greatest source of pain.


This is an epidemic in our society. There are so many choices, activities, opportunities for all ages. From childhood up, it’s hard to resist the temptation to fill every minute with some activity. Many of us pay for our inability to say “no.”

Health problems

Health problems are stressful for everyone involved. It could be you, or a family member, who is suffering with health issues. The increased workload and worry of an illness is added on to any other daily load of stresses encountered.

Major life changes

Any type of major change can cause stress in people. Negative happenings, like being let go from your job, divorce, difficult child rearing issues, carry their own set of worries, and the stress caused is understandable. But even positive change brings along a its share of stress. A new baby, a new job, getting married, relocating – these all can arouse the same stress reaction in the body that negative happenings cause.

Stress is Manageable

But stress is manageable. When you look at the stressors in your life which ones are causing you the most problems? You can learn ways to understand your stressful situations and put those situations into perspective. Stress is manageable. Stress can be turned around. There are techniques available to help you deal with the stresses you’ll encounter. Different personalities respond to different ways of handling stress. Click onto and search through to find techniques that could be helpful to you in dealing with stress.

by Jane Berkowitz

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