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Stress at work – Stress management funny animation / workplace managing stress video and time management funny. http://www.integrationtraining.co.uk/ Stress at work? Office work stress funny…
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  • deejerine Go says:


  • Kk Ruelos says:


  • IntegrationTraining says:

    sounds like a tough job!

  • Jason Stewart says:

    too much – exploding head syndrome is a proven cause of absenteeism…
    makes me think of the american expressing: going postal…

  • IntegrationTraining says:

    I agree, what is EZENUS? Are you just advertising something?

  • jenniferEpeck says:

    It’s been a couple years since I worked in a busy medical clinic, but I
    stressed when I had several different “urgent” requests/demands on my
    attention all at once. Deep breathing and sensing in to my feet and posture
    really helped.

  • jenniferEpeck says:

    It was! I was the Licensed Clinical Social Worker in an FQHC– basically, a
    low-cost primary care clinic for uninsured/under-insured folks– for an
    Integrated Services project (incorporating behavioral health into primary
    medical care). If I “ran the circus”, so to speak, we would have had the
    kind of integration training you’re offering for all healthcare
    professionals at least once a year!

  • Juanu77 says:

    Great video. great advice in less than a minute. thanks,

  • Andrew Rose says:

    Very catch video, highly memorable. Am interested in finding out more.

  • IntegrationTraining says:

    what stresses you out at work?

  • Tana Saler says:

    This circus reminds me of my banking years…Running around to meet
    deadlines, make the transaction while the rate is high / low, please the
    bosses. At times I still have nightmares about it…

  • IntegrationTraining says:

    Cheers Maz, no new branding yet but getting into more authentic way of
    doing things

  • IntegrationTraining says:

    after a bunch of postal workers went crazy right? Dehumanising work will do

  • The House of Jokes says:

    What a great video. I loved every minute of it.

  • IntegrationTraining says:

    you’re welcome

  • IntegrationTraining says:

    “This circus reminds me of my banking years.” that’s a great line!!! you
    sound better out of it Tana!

  • IntegrationTraining says:

    thank you, why was that?


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