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21 Responses to Humanistic Psychology: Stress Management, Anxiety & Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs

  • edstar83 says:

    @freshhug No one is above you or better than you are. We are all human
    beings. All equal. Just as we are no better than animals. Animals and bugs
    and plants are living feeling creatures too and deserve to be treated with
    respect. The only people below you are criminals and people who commit evil
    deeds to to people or animals without remorse. I don’t consider people like
    that human beings. So be yourself and be proud of who you are, people wont
    bite, if they do they arent worth your time.

  • Tabatha G says:

    I do not believe you need to have Jesus to have peace of mind

  • freshhug says:

    @edstar83 Unfortunently what you talk about is a moral thesis wichdoes not
    correspond to the real world where we humans are controlled by our
    instincts. I can believe noone is above me but my instincts will tell me
    the truth. If you want confidence you need to have been loved by your
    parents and or someone else during uppbringing and have a rich social life
    where you are loved by many or have strong bonds to others. Without that
    you will never have good selfconsience.

  • freshhug says:

    So how do I make friends when I am lowest on the hierarchy stage? We are
    pack animals and I am not interestant to hang with, plus I am too
    uncomfortable amongst people since my low selfasteem makes my body nervous?
    Momentum 22…. No way to releive my anxiety.

  • kakka kikkare says:

    all these videos should be shown in every school

  • Wizdomtrek says:

    How’s this for not feeling safe; your ENTOMBED within the constraints of a
    PARASITICAL political order hell bent on perpetrating act of variant
    violence through the usage of sublime BUT REAL techniques so contrived as
    to threaten your survival. How’s that? Does that qualify as a stressor
    agent sufficient to warrant anxiety? FUCK THE SLAVE PLANTATION KNOWN AS THE
    malevolencey 9/11 was staged by THIS GOVERNMENT.

  • ultraali453 says:

    cool video, nice job 🙂

  • KezoZydis says:

    @zihuetlachtli Ditto.

  • Fire4FX says:

    I’m a victim of coorporate bullying & harassment. I suffered from emotional
    & psychological stress because of a few individuals who were morons!

  • carefulcarpenter says:

    “Sometimes bullies wear red dresses” ~~cc

  • IHACKER316 says:

    @freshhug you are only the lowest on the hierachry if you think you are –
    im sure you are interesting – just believe in your self

  • IHACKER316 says:

    great series

  • Ross Kunkler says:

    The problem is that until people realize that they can meet their needs
    better in Jesus than they can on their own, no amount of effort will
    ultimately make any difference. (Matthew 6:33)

  • HittenRun1 says:

    Quite a few people in the third world can’t take this advice, though :(. I
    mean, how can they decrease their anxiety of not having access to fresh
    water or food when, in actuality, they cant?

  • zihuetlachtli says:

    @KezoZydis have you tried something to change things around?

  • truTTh100 says:

    stress sucks

  • CharlesBaltimore says:

    Humanistic Psychology < Behaviorism

  • iWinRar says:

  • KezoZydis says:

    @zihuetlachtli Yeah, it does.

  • zihuetlachtli says:

    @KezoZydis kinda sucks doesn’t it?

  • zihuetlachtli says:

    you are describing my sad life


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